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The 911 Call


Time of call 8.18am

Date of call Aug 29th 2009

911 call full transcript


Below is a transcript by the Times-Union of the 911 calls made Saturday 29th August 2009 to report the mobile home massacre in Glynn County, Ga. 


The calls involve: Margaret Orlinski, a neighbor; an unidentified 911 dispatcher; Guy Heinze Jr., who found his father and other family members dead; another neighbor, Mike, who is also a maintenance man; and an unidentified 911 dispatch supervisor.


Dispatcher: 911, where is your emergency?


Orlinski: New Hope Plantation, Highway 17 North


Dispatcher: Ok, by New Hope. What's going on maam?


Orlinski: There's a kid, Guy just came home. His whole family's dead. He's kind of hysterical. I can't understand. I haven't gone over there yet.


Dispatcher: Ok, tell me what the address is. Try to get that address for me.


Orlinski: 147, it's around to the back side.


Dispatcher: 147 New Hope Plantation.


Orlinski: Yes, maam.


Dispatcher: What's your name, ma'am?


Orlinski: Margaret Orlinsky. (I live in 145). He's just screaming. (Inaudible) My dogs will bite. He's got a dog out there, too, on the porch, that may bite. I'm going to have to try to contain him.


Dispatcher: OK, what's your name again.


Orlinski: Orlinski. O-R-LIN-SKI. This is guy. I don't know what his last name is. He said his dad [Guy Heinz Sr.] is dead. Rusty's (Toler) dead. He said everybody's dead. I know it's a house full of people that live there.


Dispatcher: Will you go ahead and call us back once you get everything squared away. Call us back. (Inaudible) 147 New Hope Plantation. OK. What's his name?


Orlinski: He's freaking out. It's guy.


Dispatcher: Guy. What's his last name?


Orlinski: Guy what's your last name. What's your last name, honey. Here talk with....


Heinze: Hello. I just got home. My whole family's dead.


Disptacher: OK, tell me what's going on sir. What.


Heinze: I just got home. (Inaudible) I got home just now and everybody's dead. I went in. My dad's dead. My uncle's dead.


Dispatcher: How many people are there?


Heinze: (Inaudible) My whole family's dead. It looks like they've been beat to death. I don't know, man.


Dispatcher: OK, you're 147 New Hope Plantation. Correct?


Heinze: (Inaudible) I mean, I don't know what to do, man


Dispatcher: OK. Take a deep breath. They got them coming for you. Just stay on the line. They're coming for you.


Heinze: My family's dead.


Dispatcher: How many people are there? Your dad, who else is there?


Heinze: My dad, my umm, my uncle, my cousin.


Dispatcher: Your cousin?


Heinze: Yeah.


Dispatcher: Lot number 147 right.


Heinze: Yes, ma'am. I don't know what to do.


Dispatcher: Take a deep breath. I'm going to stay on the line with you until they get there, OK? Don't touch anything. OK, sir?

Heinze: What?


Dispatcher: Don't touch anything. Stay away from the residence. OK?


Heinze: (Inaudible) My whole family's dead. My dad's dead. (Inaudible)


Dispatcher: I know, they're going to come. They're on the way.


Heinze: What happened to my dad? (Inaudible)


Orlinski (talking about dog): They're coming out here. (Inaudible) But don't...put him in the car or something. Don't touch anything, guy.


Dispatcher: Don't touch anything.


Orlinski: She just said don't touch anything, Guy. Door knobs, or anything, other than what you've already touched. (to dispatcher): He said they're beaten to death. And I know there's a baby, shoot, there's a little...I don't if the baby was in there or not. (Inaudible)


Dispatcher: Where's he at right now, ma'am?


Orlinski: He's on the porch right now.


Dispatcher: He's on the porch.


Orlinski: He said he didn't give a [expletive] about the dog, but the dog, but the dog will.


Dispatcher: OK, there is a dog on the scene that will bite.


Orlinski: He may. He's usually very gentle. He doesn't like some people. (Inaudible)


Dispatcher: Is it OK if I stay on the line with you ma'am?


Orlinski: I'm trying to get dressed.


Mike: My name is Mike. I'm maintenance out there.


Dispatcher: OK. What's going on Mike.


Mike: They guy who lives two doors down from me, his name is Guy Jr., I don't know his last name. He said his whole family's dead in their trailer. I'm standing right here in front of the trailer. I'm afraid to go in there.


Dispatcher: Yeah, no one should go in right now.


Mike: I called the manager. I called the manager. She's supposed to be over here in a minute.


Dispatcher: We have everyone in route. We got fire units and police coming to you.


Mike: Tell them to hurry. They think Michael's still alive.


Dispatcher: Someone's still alive?


Mike: Yeah, the retarded boy. (to Heinze) Is Mike still breathing? I can't go in there.


Dispatcher: (Inaudible) Which person?


Mike: He's a young man. He's got down syndrome.


Dispatcher: (to emergency responder) Do they want him to go in? They're saying someone on scene is still alive. The family, the family member Guy, is inside. (to Mike) I'm going to transfer you to my supervisor. Just stay on the line.


Dispatcher supervisor: Sir, you're at the New Hope Plantation, 147?


Mike: Yes, ma'am.


Supervisor: What exactly is going on? You said there's a family in there and everybody's dead.


Mike: Everybody except one person.


Supervisor: Who's the one person?


Mike: (to Heinze) Is Michael still alive? (to dispatcher) Yeah, Michael's alive and needs an ambulance.


Supervisor: How old is Michael and what happened to them?


Mike: Michael's one of the family members and he's got down syndrome. He's, ah...


Heinze: He's breathing. He needs help.


Mike: OK, Guy. Calm down, they're on the way.


Supervisor: Ask him, ask him how does he need help. Where's he hurting? Is he beat up? What's going on?


Mike: (to Heinze) Guy, where's he hurting at. Is he beat up bad?


Heinze: (inaudible)


Mike: (to dispatcher) His face is smashed in.


Supervisor: So he's got broken bones in his face?


Mike: Pardon me?


Supervisor: His face is smashed in.


Mike: Yeah. I'm not in the house. I won't go in there.


Supervisor: Who did this?


Mike: I have no idea. I was sitting there watching TV and he come over screaming everybody in his house is dead.


Supervisor: Where was he when he walked up and saw all this?


Mike: I didn't see it.


Supervisor: I know that. The guy who you're talking to. Who is he? What's his name?


Mike: His name's Guy. I don't know...Guy, what's your last name.


Heinze: (inaudible)


Mike: What's your last name?


Supervisor: They're already on route.


Mike: What's your last name?


Heinze: Heinze.


Mike: Heinze.


Supevisor: How is he related to these people?


Mike: How are you related to Rusty and them?


Supervisor: (Inaudible)


Mike: It's his dad's half-brother.


Supervisor: Can he talk to me on the phone?


Mike: Yeah, here you want to talk to her on the phone? Don't move him yet. He could be hurt bad.


Supervisor: Just tell him to leave him alone and talk to....


Heinze: Hello.


Supervisor: Hey sir. OK, where were...


Heinze: My whole family's dead.


Supervisor: I know, calm down. We've already got...I know this is hard for you but you're doing us such a favor by helping us know information, OK. We've already got somebody, we've got police, ambulance and fire.


Heinze: My cousin, I think Michael's still, Michael's breathing. He's still alive.


Supervisor: Your brother Michael's still breathing?


Heinze: He's my cousin.


Supervisor: OK, your cousin. OK, who lives there? Who, like do you live there?


Heinze: Yeah (inaudible)


Supervisor: Did you just get home this morning?


Heinze: Yeah, I just got there.


Supervisor: OK.When you came in the house, what did the house look like?


Heinze: It looks like a fucking murder scene.


Supervisor: I understand that. But did somebody tear up everything?


Heinze: (inaudible)


Supervisor: You have no idea who could have done this?


Heinze: I don't know who did it


Supervisor: Tell me about your cousin Michael. What's going on with him right now?


Heinze: He's breathing, but he's having trouble breathing.


Supervisor: He's having trouble breathing.


Heinze: Yeah. He's in pain, man.


Supervisor: Can you tell how they were killed?


Heinze: I don't know!


Supervisor: Are they beat up. Have they been shot?


Heinze: I don't know. Michael's breathing. He needs an ambulance!


Supervisor: They're going to be there in just a second. Everybody's already on route and somebody else has dispatched them, OK? This is very important. You're doing a good job helping us.


Heinze: I've got to call my brother. I have to call my brother.


Supervisor: OK, you need to stay on the phone with us. You can tell your brother in just a little bit.


Heinze: I've got to tell him my dad's dead. His dad's dead.


Supervisor: Alright, calm down because we've got to figure out what's going on, OK? Can you go inside and I want you to go next to your brother...


Heinze: I've done been inside. I been in there with Michael. He needs an ambulance!


Supervisor: Alright, I want you to go inside to Michael and tell me exactly, see if you can talk to him and see if you can ask him where...


Heinze: He's got down syndrome. He can't really talk. Michael...


Supervisor: Ask him, say where do you hurt?


Heinze: Where do you hurt, Michael? Michael, where do you hurt, man? Michael...


Supervisor: He can't talk?


Heinze: (inaudible)


Supervisor: You can see his chest rising, though?


Heinze: Yes, yes.


Supervisor: OK, just calm down. We've got a squad that's going to be there in just a minute. Put me back on the phone with the other guy. I'm going to get...


Heinze: I got to call my brother.


Supervisor: OK, get on another phone and call your brother and let me talk to the guy I was talking to first, OK?


Supervisor: Hello, sir?


Mike: Got to get this dog out of the way.


Supervisor: Sir.


Mike: You still there?


Supervisor: Yeah, I'm still here.


Mike: OK.


Supervisor: Has he touched anything. Has he gone in the house?


Mike: I haven't no. He's been in the house.


Supervisor: He's been in the house.


Mike: I haven't.


Supervisor: No, he has.


Mike: Guy has been.


Supervisor: I understand. How many people are there?


Mike: How many people are in there?


Heinze: My whole family's dead.


Supervisor: I know, but how many is his whole family.


Mike: I've got to get a knife to cut this dog loose so they can get in.


Supervisor: To cut the dog loose? Is the officer there now?


Mike: Yes, there's two of them.


Supervisor: OK, I can get off the phone, you go ahead and handle the dogs.


Mike: Pardon me.


Supervisor: I said you go ahead and get off the phone.


Mike: OK


Dispatcher: Alright. Bye, bye.

Below is a snippet of the audio from the 911 call made by Margaret Orlinski on the morning of the 29th it is not the full call however there is enough of the recording to get an idea of the panic Guy was going through and the desperation in his voice can be heard very clearly.

This page is updated regularly there will be more information added on subjects including: - 

 The Investigation, The Case according to Law Enforcement, a breakdown of the news coverage, The Trial, The Evidence, Who was on the Case and where are they now, Guys conviction and current situation, who are Eye on Innocence, The life on Death Row BBC Documentary.

Any information on this page has been verified by Guys family, partner and/or official documentation.

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